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Adult Ministry

The Adult Ministry Team oversees, develops, implements and maintains adult Christian education and ministries that promote spiritual growth.

Youth Ministry

At Agape Worship Center (AWC) our youth department is broken up into 3 different Ministries (Nursery, Children and Student), so that no matter their age every child has the opportunity to come to know, love and follow Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. 

Image by Sam Moqadam

Media Ministry

This ministry’s mission is to provide technical functions. Run the sound board for the worship, musicians, and speakers during worship. Agape Media Production Ministry, operates and supports the audio, lighting, video and graphical presentation needs of all ministries and outreaches of Agape Worship Center.

Image by Aaron Burden

Care Team

he Care Ministry Team oversees, develops, implements and maintains a ministry of caring for various life needs of the congregation.

Image by Harrison Hargrave

Music Ministry

This ministry’s mission is to minister to all those listening to music, more importantly, glorify God to the fullest. The music through song or instrument should in all cases aide in preparing the way for the spoken word, healing, and deliverance.

Image by jean wimmerlin

Spiritual Leadership

Support and assist Pastor with teaching and training. The Spiritual Leadership Team is the first point of contact if members have issues or concerns. Provide encouragement to the overall body of Agape promoting growth and development.

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